Healin Podcast with Karen Millon

January 3, 2024

In the last few episodes of the HealIN Podcast, we start to understand the relationship with how our life experiences and traumas can affect our physical health, and in this episode, we expand the conversation to how nutrition and mindfulness can affect it too.  I had a great conversation with Dr. Basma Faris who was my OBGYN here in NYC and we talked about her journey to include a nutritional lense into her OBGYN practice, and why there is sadly so little emphasis on the importance of nutrition in medical training. We discussed the importance of certain foods to support different stages in our lives, and particular foods that we can decrease in our lives to prevent the formation of fibroids or the hardening of our arteries.  We talked about the importance of understanding the barriers to change in the adoption of better eating habits before knowing how to support someone and she shared her personal journey into mindfulness and how this has transformed her to the person and excellent physician that she is today. More importantly, she shared how she is now merging her two passions as the Founder of  PollyPrepMD, supporting women with PCOS! You can learn more about Dr. Basma Faris on her website at www.pollyprepmd.com and on social media at @drbasmafaris or @pollyprep or Dr. Basma Faris on LinkedIN.