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Your Personalized PCOS Treatment Plan
As an OB/GYN, Certified Culinary Medicine Specialist and former Registered Dietitian, Dr. Basma Faris has spent over two decades working with women to manage their PCOS journeys. Through her Telemedicine practice - PollyPrep MD - Dr. Faris offers patients comprehensive PCOS care, from the privacy of their home.
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Modern Medical Care For PCOS
At PollyPrep, we focus on managing PCOS through a combination of metabolic need assessment, lifestyle modifications, psychological support, and medical interventions based on your individual needs.
Personalized Nutrition
As a Culinary Medicine Specialist and former Registered Dietician, Dr. Faris underscores the link between nutrition and PCOS. You will understand the therapeutic aspects of food, break old habits and form new strategies that can help manage your condition.
Medication Review
Based on your needs, Dr. Faris identifies the right medication, if any, and issues a prescription. Changes in your symptoms are closely tracked.
Diet Assessment
Food plays a key role in treatment. Receive a personalized nutrition strategy and learn how to adapt your diet for your condition.
On-going Support
Stay on track with unlimited private messaging and timely follow up appointments.
Treatment Plan
One Hour Video Consultation with Dr. Basma Faris
During this initial visit you can expect:
A comprehensive medical history review including:
A review of all your previous labs and imaging studies
A review of all your medications and supplements
A thorough nutrition assessment
A thorough review of PCOS symptoms
PCOS health risk assessment
A care plan that is created together with you to accomplish your health goals. Your care plan may include:
Specific nutrition recommendations
Recipes and shopping lists
Additional diagnostic labs
Medication changes
Supplement recommendations
Mental health recommendations
Specialist referrals and other care modalities.
Use of Diet ID digital nutrition software if applicable to monitor nutrition quality
Robust PCOS education
30 Minute Follow Up Consultations with Dr. Basma Faris
During a follow up visit you can expect:
A review of any additional diagnostic labs or imaging
A reassessment of PCOS symptoms
A re-evaluation of nutrition quality
Continued PCOS education
for initial consultation
for follow-up visits
PollyPrepMD uses the secure Healthie platform for scheduling, video conferencing and secure messaging. You have access to unlimited messaging while you are a patient of the practice.
About Dr. Basma Faris

For as long as I can remember, I have been determined to acquire knowledge and transmit it to others. After practicing as a dietitian for nine years, I chose to pursue a medical degree. Women’s healthcare was my core interest which led to becoming an OBGYN.14 years of training and practicing as an OBGYN has opened up a truly amazing lens into life and our anatomy. Going through these experiences led me back to my roots to become certified as a Culinary Medicine Specialist. I recognized that there was a key connection missing in much of women’s healthcare between treating symptoms and proper nutritional guidance. More specifically, I came upon many women and people with ovaries who were not being properly diagnosed or treated for their PCOS symptoms. PCOS is chronic. Each person's experience with PCOS is unique, and the impact it has on their physical and emotional well-being can be profound. PCOS can be with a person for life. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for us to educate ourselves on how it affects our bodies and how it can be managed. Through my unique blend of acquired knowledge, my goal is to extend the boundaries of PCOS care. PollyPrep provides integrated, continuous support that cares for your emotional, educational, nutritional and medical needs.